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"It is true for me that art  can speak where words often fail"
I am a self-taught mixed media artist living in Gloucestershire,UK. I have always loved art but it is only since my children have grown up that I now find I have the time to really develop and follow my passion. I love to create imaginative, original artwork designs on different themes. Most of my works are completed from my small garden studio. My inspirations are nature, wildlife, history, faith, hope, emotions, love, poetry and music. I am also a singer-songwriter and write poetry. 
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 I enjoy working with a variety of different media. I love trying new things and hope to continue to experiment and develop as an artist. When working in my studio I lose track of time and enter a place of peace and joy, never quite knowing what I might be working on next or how a piece of art will evolve over a period of time. Art is where I can express my emotions. I have a vivid imagination and I always try to create original art. Often my pieces are highly detailed and can include  a combination of new and vintage/recycled/unusual materials. I often include text or poetry in my art. I like to experiment and take risks and seek to learn something new as an artist each day.


More recently I enjoy creating small sculptures out of wire and beads. Sometimes I add these to my artworks to give a 3D element. I also enjoy teaching my skills in small workshops, I hope to  continue to inspire others be creative. In my workshops we create simple items  from wire, beads and buttons ( Dragonflies, Butterflies  Hearts, Stars and angels )


I produce and sell a range of greetings cards, prints, posters and gifts. I also create original artworks  on commission. Do take a look at my online store or contact me if you have any questions.

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