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It's a New Dawn
This is an imaginary tree inspired by the English countryside. It has the text "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life" interwoven into the tree. As well as wildlife, flowers, butterflies, and birds.
Across the Miles    
An abstract artwork. The original was created from used postage stamps and envelopes from around the world. The names of all the countries are interwoven into this picture, as well as lots of hidden detailing.
Water of Life  
An imaginary water lily surrounded with water, lily pads, fish and dragonflies, There is text on the theme 'water of life' hidden within the flowing waters.
Tree of Life       
This tree is full of fine detail, with so much hidden within the branches! It is full of bible verses "Tree of Life", and music, twelve fruits, angels, hearts, birds, and more.
Shakespeare Tree
Our ever-living poet William Shakespeare. This tree artwork includes the names of all of Shakespeare's works interwoven into the branches and trunk.
Love Heart       
On the theme of love, heart, flowers, birds, angels.
Tropical Tree      
Another of my tree artwork series. An imaginary tropical island, with tropical fruits, butterflies, a toucan, sea and sand.
Summer Tree
On my theme of imaginative tree artworks. Inspired by summertime. Sunflowers, daisies, hollyhocks, bees and butterflies.
Christmas Tree   
Another tree artwork, my imaginary tree on the theme of Christmas. Holly leaves, robin, gingerbread man, decorations, star.
 Autumn Tree     
This was the first in a series of imaginative tree artworks based on the seasons. Autumn colours, browns and greens, acorns, apples, squirrel.

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