'Daisy' by Sue Trickey 2020

I am pleased to have been accepted for a part time art course based in Gloucester, UK which started in May 2020 and will last until March 2021. I am really looking forward to learning new techniques and improving my art skills and well as learning from more experience artists and tutors. It is something I have felt I have needed for a while. I am a self-taught artist but am really keen to progress and learn.

I painted this Daisy this week in acrylics . It is a different style for me. As part of the course I was asked to create a vibrant, layered background with texture and to draw a simple flower. The artwork was inspired from a photograph taken by my late son, James, It is one that he sent to me as a photo card and hold special memories for me.


Acrylic on Card

Sue Trickey